Alcohol Retail Media

Alcohol Retail Media
Alcohol Retail Media

Cheers Network

A groundbreaking retail media solution for the adult beverage industry. This network brings together first and third-party activations into one streamlined managed service, making it easy for alcohol brands to achieve targeted retail media across the top omnichannel retailers in America.

  • Marketplaces
    Activate on-site placements via Instacart, DoorDash, Uber, BevMo and More
  • 1P Retailer Solutions
    Utilize 1P audiences and closed-loop reporting for off-site media at Walmart and Kroger, and grocer aggregators Rippl and CitrusAd
  • 3P Preferred Agency Solutions
    DIGITS is the preferred agency for 3P media strategy and solutions at Target, Schnucks, and other regional grocers
  • 3P Retailer Solutions
    Leverage proven 3P targeting solutions to drive your brand sales at TotalWine, ABC, Costco, Publix and more
  • Paid Social
    Run premium Facebook, Instagram, TikTok paid social campaigns via DIGITS proprietary Cheers, Trip or your own brand page

Omnichannel Support

Alcohol Retail Media
Target Managed Services


Find and convert retailers’ best shoppers off-site using channels designed to drive both physical and digital conversation.

    Blanket the store’s trade area with messages for the retailers best shoppers
  • DIGITS In-Store
    Large format mobile ads while shopping in physical stores
  • Dynamic Multi-Retailer Creative
    DIGITS uses dynamic creative that shows multiple retailers on the ad unit, reducing clicks to purchase and increasing sales!

Sales & Share

Monitor sales trends by category and by channel. Compare your market share by state, by channel.

  • Campaign Lift Reporting
    With our data access at Target, we can pull sales trends pre and post campaign to provide a true sales lift both online and instore!
  • Campaign Market Share Reporting
    With our data access at Target, we can pull sales data pre and post campaign to see if you gained share during the campaign vs your competitors.
  • Standalone Reporting
    DIGITS can provide reporting both for the Media we run and as a standalone service if you want to run your media through a differnet agency.

Target Digital Success Scorecard

Digital success takes constant measurement. DIGITS provides monthly digital success reports at Target to make sure you keep your eyes on the KPIs!

  • Sales & Share
    Monitor sales trends by category and by channel. Compare your market share by state, by channel.
  • Organic Search & Content Health
    Are you ranking high on category search terms? Is your content up to quality standards? DIGITS publishes monthly scorecards to focus your team on where to improve.
  • Promo & BYBE Offers
    DIGITS runs 1000’s of Target Circle offers a year! We have built a proprietary analytics engine that analyzes what worked and what didn’t so you can spend your investments better.

Target Circle BYBE Offer Management

BYBE offers feed into Target Circle, Target’s best vendor retail media tool! Drive sales with BYBE offers!

  • Offer Strategy
    DIGITS is an expert on Target Circle. We take on full managed service Circle/BYBE strategy that will build your business goals at the best possible ROI
  • Offer Execution
    DIGITS plans, forecasts and enters all offers into the BYBE system for your team
  • Offer Analytics
    We provide Monthly Incrementality and ROI reporting through our proprietary analytics engine. Spend your investments better!

Digital Shelf

Benchmark DIGITS Best methods to optimize Organic Search and Digital Conversion

  • Product Content
    Quality audits, not quantity scoring is our method
  • Item Data
    Audit and fill your Item data, the bedrock for organic search

Alcohol Retail Media

Schnucks Rewards

DIGITS is Agency of Record at Schnucks. We are here to help you drive sales via Rewards offers!

  • Schnucks Rewards Offers and Coupons
    Rewards allows for both Points Boosts and $/% off coupons. Let us guide you to the right plans for your category and brand.
  • Operations & Reporting
    DIGITS guides you on offers setup and provides reporting days after offers expire
  • Clearinghouse
    DIGITS provides Clearinghouse services for both setup and redemption costs.

Schnucks 1P Offsite Media

DIGITS is able to provide offsite closed loop media campaigns using 1P data at Schnucks!

  • 1P Audiences
    Target best shoppers, lapsed shoppers or custom audiences that fit your brand goals
  • Closed Loop Sales Attribution
    Measure sales impact by seeing reporting based on actual transactions of the media audience!

Alcohol Retail Media

Search and Display

Instacart, Drizly, UberEats and more

  • Platform Strategy
    Determine right platforms for your brand
  • Annual Budgets and Strategies
    Right investments and Right KPIs drive success
  • System Bids and Execution
    DIGITS is hands-on keyboard operations
  • Business Reviews
    Review KPIs, wins, opps and upcoming business priorities

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