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Target Managed Services
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Target Circle

Circle is Target’s best traffic driver!

  • Vendor Driven
    Circle is a vendor-driven tool; drive your bus to achieve your business goals
  • Annual Planning
    Build sales goals that leverage Circle to the fullest impact
  • Mass Offers
    Reach 100M+ audience to drive top-line lift
  • Segmented Offers
    Narrow offers with custom audiences to focus spend and efficiency
  • Offer Analytics
    DIGITS runs all offers through our Analytics tool to show Sales, Incrementality and ROI

Roundel Managed Service

Drive Sales, New Shoppers and Loyalty with Target 1P Retail Media

  • Full Funnel Media
    Run Off-site display, social, on-site display and more
  • Annual Planning
    Build spend and media goals that drive your Target Goals
  • Campaign Operations
    Full service brief management, creative operations
  • Kiosk Media Reporting
    In-season reporting of sales and impact of Roundel Media

Programmatic by Roundel

Take control. Use retailers Roundel 1P audiences on your terms through DIGITS managed DSP.

  • Custom 1P Audiences
    Build confirmed shopper audiences that fit your niche and business need
  • Closed Loop Sales
    Track 1P ROAS to measure impact on your business
  • Vendor Income Credit
    Earn majority of spend as vendor income for your JBPs!
  • Flexible Execution
    Low minimums, short lead times, custom creative

Convert the lower funnel with Target Product Ads

  • Premium Placements
    Buy Spots 1, 2, 7, 8, 9
  • Keywords
    Conquest Category volume & make brand terms efficient
  • Business Integrations
    Optimize Search plans for maximum business impact on Target sales

Digital Shelf

Benchmark DIGITS Best methods to optimize Organic Search and Digital Conversion

  • Product Content
    Quality audits, not quantity scoring is our method
  • Item Data
    Audit and fill your Item data, the bedrock for organic search


Find and convert retailers’ best shoppers off-site using channels designed to drive both physical and digital conversation.

    Blanket the store’s trade area with messages for the retailers best shoppers
  • DIGITS In-Store
    Large format mobile ads while shopping in physical stores

Target.Trip Social

Leverage DIGITS Influencer channel to run organic and paid content on TikTok and Instagram to a Target loving audience.

  • TikTok
    Highlight items through shop-alongs, reviews and product showcases
  • Instagram
    Highlight items through shop-alongs, reviews and product showcases
  • Content
    DIGITS created content from our network of creators
  • Ad DSP
    Broaden reach of content through in-platform ads

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Circle is the #1 onsite traffic driver for Target brands. Use this form to request a customized report of all Circle offers ran and see which of your competitors were the most aggressive in driving sales!

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