Dave Glaza
February 29,2024
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Exciting news at DIGITS! We’re thrilled to announce that our capabilities for alcohol media have reached new heights in 2024, making our offering to drive business around Target stores the best in the industry. To mark this milestone, DIGITS is hosting a Target Alcohol Digital Success Intro open to all brands. Message David Glaza on LinkedIn if you’d like to attend!

But before we delve deeper, let’s set the stage for those new to the alcohol industry:

While Retail Media Networks (RMNs) have revolutionized the grocery industry, the alcohol category has been slow to adapt. Tied-house laws and the three-tier distribution system have restricted alcohol brands from leveraging sales-driving tactics like paid search and 1P onsite/offsite Retail media. This gap in the market led to the rise of startups like Drizly, GoPuff, and Instacart, providing alcohol ads to shoppers through marketplaces rather than retailers. However, retailers are now innovating to drive this media business within regulations, aiming to generate profit and increase awareness among their shoppers.



DATA: DIGITS now has access to all 1P item-level sales data, enabling analysis by store, item, and sales channel across the ecosystem. This unlocks the ability to conduct campaign lift and market share studies, providing invaluable insights for brands.

STRATEGY: As the leading agency at Target, DIGITS supports over $5 Billion in annual sales volume across Target’s food/essentials/pets/alcohol business. Leveraging our Target knowledge, we craft media campaigns that drive sales while adhering to traditional trade requirements, optimizing strategies for seasonal campaigns, store launches, key initiatives, and new items.


DIGITS recommends brands invest 1-2% of total retail sales volumes back into media campaigns to drive volume at retail. These budgets will be allocated to a series of campaigns tailored to fit brand priorities and objectives.


During discussions with brands, we’ve identified common challenges and roadblocks to executing a media strategy at omnichannel retail. With our new capabilities, many of these roadblocks are now removed:

Roadblock 1: Difficulty analyzing if media campaigns drove positive results.

  • Capability: With access to all sales data, DIGITS conducts item lift vs. control and market share impact studies for all campaigns, with an average campaign driving 12% lift to digital sales and 5% to store sales!


Roadblock 2: Lack of access to POS sales at Target.

  • Capability: DIGITS can access POS sales data regardless of brand or distributor.


Roadblock 3: Media agency lacking focus or understanding of Target in national media programs.

  • Capability: As the leading agency for Target digital, DIGITS optimizes media strategies for success with the Target shopper.


Roadblock 4: Needing to feature multiple retailers to satisfy trade regulations.

  • Capability: DIGITS employs leading technology ad units with direct click-to-retailer ad blocks, reducing the need for an interstitial branding page.


Roadblock 5: Relying solely on BYBE offers.

  • Capability: DIGITS integrates BYBE offers directly into your creative to increase awareness and win customers that drive market share growth.


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