Dave Glaza
June 04,2024
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Schnucks Leading the Way in Regional Retail Media Innovation


Retail Media is experiencing rapid growth, expanding at a rate of 20% per year. Amidst this expansion, regional grocers are striving to carve out their place in the industry. Among them, Schnucks is a standout, recognized by Forbes as the most innovative grocery store in the U.S., as highlighted by Chris Walton in a recent article.

DIGITS Agency proudly serves as the agency of record for Schnucks Media, and we have a special fondness for this client. Schnucks consistently sets and achieves ambitious innovation goals. Together, we launched Schnucks Rewards in 2018, and since then, we’ve expanded into onsite media, alcohol coupons, personalized coupons, and most recently, offsite media. This comprehensive, full-funnel approach to retail media is impressive, especially at a regional level.

Schnucks Rewards


Last week, DIGITS and Schnucks hosted a Retail Media Vendor Summit to review YTD wins and discuss upcoming innovations. Here are the key takeaways:

Schnucks Rewards: The Gold Standard Rewards coupons remain the cornerstone of Schnucks’ retail media program, consistently driving revenue and incrementality. Before diving into new innovations, it’s crucial to recognize the ongoing success of Schnucks Rewards.

Shopper Community: Schnucks Rewards boasts a majority household penetration in St. Louis, demonstrating immense local loyalty. This strong community connection makes Schnucks an indispensable partner for CPG brands aiming to succeed in this market.

AI Personalized Coupons: Schnucks excels in data science, utilizing AI to match UPCs, discounts, and shoppers for personalized, 1-1 coupon offers. 

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs): Schnucks is one of the few retailers in America poised to implement ESLs across all stores. This technology allows every Rewards deal to be prominently displayed, a feature not yet common among nationwide mass retailers. Next time you visit a Schnucks store, use the app to see the ESLs in action as you walk down the aisle!

Instacart Partnership: Caper Carts and Carrot Ads Schnucks is a key partner for Instacart, reflected in the pilot program for Caper Carts. Excitingly, Carrot display and search ads will be integrated into the Schnucks experience later this year, bringing a national feed of search dollars into their ecosystem.

I-ROAS Transparency: Earlier this year, Schnucks launched 1P closed-loop offsite media, setting itself apart with a commitment to transparency by sharing incremental return on ad spend (I-ROAS) for every campaign. This level of transparency is unique in the space, and we hope more retailers will follow Schnucks’ lead.

Rippl Network: Schnucks leverages Rippl to extend local wins to a national network, enabling nationwide activations through audience data and sales attribution across regional retailers and convenience stores.

Schnucks Rewards


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