Dave Glaza
September 08,2023
3 min. to read

GroceryShop 2023: Navigating the Largest Digital Grocery Conference


Welcome to the biggest event of the year for digital grocery enthusiasts—GROCERYSHOP 2023! DIGITS has been a loyal attendee since the pre-COVID days when this conference was a hidden gem for digital grocery aficionados. Fast forward to the post-COVID era, and GroceryShop has exploded in popularity. Many of you might be gearing up for your first visit, and we’re here to ensure you make the most of this event.


Imagine Tinder for retail executives, and it’s free! Meetup at GroceryShop is a game-changer with over 2600 attendees. It’s like speed dating, but for business. The best part? It’s all double opt-in, so no time is wasted. Prepare to connect with CPGs, retailers, brands, tech companies, and some of the coolest people in the industry. Not every encounter will lead to business, but you’ll gain invaluable knowledge, expand your network, and possibly forge lasting friendships. For DIGITS, the past two years have resulted in new business opportunities within 60 days after the show. Here’s hoping for a third successful year!


With a whopping 7,000 attendees, don’t count on randomly bumping into friends at GroceryShop—it’s massive! Our advice? Seek out your friends, clients, and key contacts and schedule coffees, lunches, happy hours, and dinners in advance. Planning ahead ensures you won’t be texting friends only to discover they’re at an agency happy hour on the other side of the strip. Be proactive!


Strive for a 50/50 blend of familiar faces and newcomers. While it’s essential to nurture existing relationships with friends and clients, GroceryShop thrives on learning and networking. Explore the exhibition floor, exchange business cards, attend sessions, and let your outgoing personality shine. Leave the event with insights into new startups, fresh ideas, and, hopefully, a few promising business contacts.


This is the crown jewel of GroceryShop’s sessions and takes place on the first day (Tuesday afternoon). Mark your calendar! Here’s where startup tech and business service companies unveil their business models and insider secrets, all in pursuit of funding and new business. It’s a rare opportunity to glimpse behind the curtain as presenters reveal their strategies and innovations. These startups must dazzle to stand out, making this session a goldmine of valuable insights. In contrast, many big CPGs and retailers on stage tend to speak in buzzword-filled monologues. Join us at Shark Reef, capture those insights through pictures and notes, cast your vote, and cheer for your favorites!


Our experience suggests that keynotes often fall short. They can resemble a game of buzzword bingo with little substance to offer. However, there have been exceptions, such as the unforgettable moment when Ocado took the stage, challenging the audience’s perception of profitable e-commerce grocery. It wasn’t long after that they struck a deal with Kroger! Sometimes, the real gems are hidden among the buzz.


It’s impossible to be everywhere at GroceryShop, considering the vastness of the event. Thankfully, many analysts live-tweet what’s happening at the conference, and brands or agencies frequently post updates about their booths, speaking engagements, and announcements. If you can’t make it to the event, following the Twitter hashtag #groceryshop is an excellent way to stay in the loop from your home office.


As we prepare to dive into GroceryShop 2023, armed with these tips and insights, we invite you to make the most of this extraordinary experience. GroceryShop is a hub of innovation, networking, and learning—it’s where the future of digital grocery unfolds. Let DIGITS be your guide in navigating this colossal event. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey, and book a time for us to connect in person here. For those who cannot attend in person, follow along with us on LinkedIn. The digital grocery revolution is here, and we’re ready to seize every opportunity it offers!

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