Dave Glaza
October 18,2023
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Surprisingly Pork – Driving Wellness with Instacart Media

At DIGITS Agency, we are thrilled to showcase the remarkable achievements of the National Pork Board (NPB) with their latest campaign, aptly named “Surprisingly Pork.” This innovative campaign was strategically designed to boost awareness and sales of healthy pork cuts among the millennial audience. In a world dominated by bacon and pulled pork, the NPB dared to shake things up with a clear goal: Less Bacon, more Loin! Less pulled pork, more chops!


The NPB’s team has masterfully combined food imagery with compelling copy claims that are undeniably best in class. Their tantalizing visuals and persuasive content have not only ignited our creative sparks at DIGITS but also our appetites!


As proud commerce media partners with NPB, we were entrusted with the responsibility of driving sales in the low-funnel, point-of-purchase digital media. This is a task we embrace with pride. We are honored to bring Kara Behlke-Ungerman’s visionary campaign to life.


Shopper marketing for agriculture boards comes with its own set of challenges. These boards, including the NPB, are not direct owners of UPCs (Universal Product Codes) or retailer sales relationships. Their focus is agnostic to specific brands and retailers as their ultimate goal is to benefit the farmers and producers.

To add to the complexity, agriculture boards are held accountable to high measurable sales lift metrics, as they answer to the very farmers and producers who fund their organization. Obtaining a media ROAS or ROI without owning either the UPC or the retailer relationship is daunting.


Given these challenges, Instacart emerged as the perfect platform for the “Surprisingly Pork” campaign. Its extensive retailer network, high affinity among millennial moms, and robust return on ad spend (ROAS) metrics made it the top choice.

Key Highlights from the Instacart Partnership:

A wealth of in-app inventory for an extensive reach.

The game-changing “Shoppable Display” ad unit that blends captivating imagery with the functionality of adding products directly to the cart.

The rising trend of video content within the same shoppable display unit, a promising avenue for engaging shoppers.

Sponsored listings, a fundamental ad unit for most retail platforms, which couldn’t be utilized due to UPC ownership restrictions.


The “Surprisingly Pork” campaign has been nothing short of a triumph, with a category ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) exceeding 17:1. It has not only driven sales but also introduced fresh, healthy pork items to a staggering 32% of new shoppers.

In our journey to inspire shoppers, we’ve found that the “shoppable display” ad unit offers the perfect blend of inspiration and commerce. Combining powerful imagery with an efficient “add-to-cart” feature, it has been a winning combination.

Furthermore, we’ve discovered that in the world of advertising, less can be more. Crafting concise and compelling copy has consistently outperformed wordy alternatives. The elegance lies in simplicity, and reducing copy to its essence yields the best results.

Last but not least, our success owes much to our meticulous audience segmentation. By tailoring our campaigns to specific audiences and selecting the right creative, bids, and ad units, we’ve achieved remarkable outcomes.


Instacart has established itself as a major player in the shopper marketing industry, and our hands-on experience in leveraging this platform has yielded tremendous results for our clients.

At DIGITS Agency, we specialize in transforming brand goals into reality through Instacart. We invite you to contact us to explore how we can drive your business to new heights. Let’s work together to create “Surprisingly Pork”-level success in your campaigns!

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