Target Circle: Find out what you have been missing

Dave Glaza
August 25,2023
3 min. to read

Greetings, fellow champions of retail! Today, we unveil a tale spun during the Q2 Target earnings call that has ignited waves of excitement within the corridors of DIGITS. This isn't about new gadgets or enhancements; it's about a resounding achievement that carries significance into the holiday season. Let's dive into…

Target’s Q2 Revenue Unveiled

Dave Glaza
August 21,2023
3 min. to read

Greetings, fellow retail media enthusiasts! Today, we dive into the story of Target's Q2 revenue and earnings announcement—a narrative laden with anticipation and complex variables. As we explore the chapters of this report, we'll uncover the findings that had the brands on their toes and highlight the exceptional performance of…

What’s changed in Retail Media in the last year?

Dave Glaza
August 02,2023
3 min. to read

Fellow retail media followers, it's been one year since my appearance on the CPGguys podcast! I wondered if my answers would withstand the test of time. I have returned today with 7 key takeaways from that podcast, along with some exciting 1 year later updates! 1- MOMENTUM IS PICKING UP…

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